Tips to Engage Your B2B Social Media Audience

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Most B2B companies have social media accounts. However, many of these companies only use their social posts as a distribution list for blog posts, webinar invites and press releases. Is that a good or bad thing? A little of both.

Sure, you want people to know about your services, products and how your B2B company can solve their problems. That’s a good thing. However, if that is the only thing you’re posting, then your social media feeds may end up looking like a gloried email list. You definitely don’t want that.

Amping up your B2B social media

So, what can you do better for your B2B social media accounts? Engagement.

A highly engaged audience is more apt to read and share your content, products, services and recommend your brand. As a side bonus, it can even help grow your social media accounts to reach a wider audience.

Engage your B2B audience

Here are a few easy techniques you can use on to engage your B2B target audience.

  1. Answer questions: People are going to ask questions about your products and services. Don’t ignore them. Promptly responding can show there is a real person behind the curtain and turn a confused potential client into a sale.
  2. Show appreciation: Be sure to thank people that follow your accounts or share your brand’s content. Taking a quick moment to say thank you can go a long way toward keeping the conversation going on your accounts.
  3. Express congratulations to others: One simple way to create brand advocacy is to advocate for your customers and clients. Social media is the perfect place to do that. Express kind words to those who accomplish achievements and ask questions about how they achieved their goals. This creates a perfect opportunity for social engagement and makes your brand look good.

At Ripley PR, we can help you monitor your social media accounts through B2B public relations that can help generate engagement and growth. Contact us today at (865) 977-1973 to discuss how we can help you create an all-encompassing social media strategy for your B2B brand.


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