Time to Build a Better Social Media Blueprint

When it comes to sharing some of the largest or most complex projects your construction firm has recently taken on or finished, working with a team of PR pros who truly understands construction public relations is critical to getting the right exposure on social media.

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Social media is one of the top ways that people are exposed to information. Ensuring that you’re positioning your company in the best light to gain the attention of decision makers and potential recruits is paramount to any modern company’s success.

Having the right strategy in place can mean the difference between your posts disappearing into the already crowded newsfeeds of your audience and getting the visibility you need. Whether it is sharing your firm’s progress on the latest sustainable office build or conducting delicate work on a historic structure, those are things that can grab the attention of your desired audience and showcase your company is a positive light.

Providing examples of interesting projects your team is working on can also be a great way to get in front of top talent for recruiting. When done correctly, taking a moment to brag about some of the amazing accomplishments your company has achieved may be the nudge that project manager or account executive you’ve been targeting needs to finally send in their resume.

Sharing big wins, milestones, and the status of awesome projects on social media channels can be very powerful tool when the right strategy is in place. The team of public relations pros at Ripley PR can help you create the perfect plan to get more eyes on your work and can also be one of the best ways to grow your winning team.

If you have more questions about construction public relations or best social media practices, visit https://www.ripleypr.com/ and check out more of our blogs or give us a call at (865) 977-1973.


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