Three ways to attract investors to your Contech business

The popularity of construction technology is increasing with the trade labor gap. As competitors arise, how are you standing out to investors? If you haven’t already, consider construction tech public relations to separate yourself from the competition, keeping these three components in mind.

Be consistent with your narrative 

Narrow your mission statement and communicate it through all public visibility. This will paint a clear picture for investors about what you stand for. When getting media coverage, your interviews and articles should steadily promote your narrative, and your online presence should provide support by reflecting your company values.

Identify your investors

Just like you have a target customer base, you should have a target investor base. Do your research and aim for coverage in media your investors trust. After those outlets are determined, find the right journalists and build relationships with them. A public relations agency that specializes in Contech, like Ripley PR, can build relationships like these for you (and may have already), getting you the type of coverage you need.

Offer expert content

Potential investors want to know you’re an expert in construction technology and that you have a growing client base. To showcase that, your content should be compelling, unique and professionally written. Blogs can be managed in-house, but oftentimes fall short when the writer is inexperienced. Even if you’re the most qualified individual to speak on the subject, investors may not buy it if the writing looks unprofessional. An experienced public relations agency will know how to communicate your expertise the right way.

If you want to add another zero to your investment valuation, public relations is the right addition to your outreach. For more information on what PR can do for your construction tech company, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit Ripley PR online.


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