Three ways Ripley PR can massage your manufacturing message

Managers and owners of manufacturing facilities already have a lot of concerns on their plates. There are raw materials to procure, labor to manage and products to ship. It’s understandable if public relations is not top of mind, but it should be. Here are three examples of ways that Ripley PR, a Knoxville-area agency with global reach and expertise in the industrial, home services, franchise and construction sectors, can help with your manufacturing public relations messaging:

  1. Tariffs: Was your sector roiled by reports the Trump administration wants to place tariffs on raw materials such as steel? Is this an issue for your manufacturing business? Corporations enjoy First Amendment rights, too, and if you want to speak up, we can get your message out. Pro or con, we can craft the message that’s right for you and position you as a thought leader and expert in your field. We have a vast database of media contacts that cover the manufacturing space.
  2. Automation: Replacing workers with machines, or vice versa in some circumstances, is a controversial topic. While some see automation as a threat to good middle-class jobs traditionally offered by manufacturing companies, others see it as inevitable part of the workplace revolution. We can massage your message to reflect whether your automation processes are a one-off human resources issue or part of a long-term effort to make your business more profitable and nimble on the global manufacturing stage. Either way, this is a headline-grabbing issue that’s of obvious concern to workers and their families. You need a consistent message to calm jitters among your workforce and communicate your message to stakeholders. We can craft that message to position you as a thoughtful industry leader.
  3. Crisis communication: Every business needs a crisis plan in place. You may need to respond to a tragic incident of workplace violence, or you may get hacked. As part of your automation push, you may have to lay off workers, and there may be pushback from labor. Your manufacturing business needs a solid game plan to address these issues. We can craft a crisis management plan that ensures management and owners stay on the same page, with the same message. Ripley PR can ensure you’re never caught flatfooted should an emergency or issue arise that could negatively affect your image.

The manufacturing sector is booming – for now – along with many other American industries and companies. But there will be bumps in the road, and be they internal or external forces, Ripley PR will make sure you have the best possible public relations responses to ensure your manufacturing company can maintain the positive brand and image your company has worked so hard to build.

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Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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