Three ways PR Makes Your Home Service Company Stand Out

You already know your skilled technicians in the field and the people answering the phone are essential to running your business and attracting and keeping customers. But, there’s another tool in the box to help your business grow and stand out.

A partner experienced in home service public relations strategies such as Ripley PR works to get you noticed so you can continue to put your focus on serving your customers.

PR pros build relationships for you

Our experienced team spends a lot of time staying in touch with journalists in local print media, television, radio, and national home service trade publications so we can share story ideas and secure coverage. We research trending topics that get coverage and even monitor the weather forecast in your market so we know when to send news about you and your business their way.

Many of our writers and media specialists are former journalists themselves with an understanding of the timing and support a reporter needs (and appreciates) to help them meet a deadline.

A PR partner helps you see your story

We care about getting to know you and your business and the things that make you unique and what is most important to you. Many times, details that seem small or part of your everyday routine are in fact newsworthy. Were you the “first” at something that sets you apart from your competition?   Are you a family business like Peterman Brothers Heating, Cooling and Plumbing that started in a garage but now has multiple locations and its own skilled trades academy? WISH-TV reporter Jade Jackson shared that story with her station’s viewers. Do you give back to your community or support a charity? Ripley PR can help your news and accomplishments become the next headline. And when an opportunity pops up, our team at Ripley PR will help guide you to get past any butterflies and help you face the camera with confidence with media training tips.


How “new” is your news on social media? Our team is experienced in planning well-timed posts and opportunities to keep your content fresh and updated. We can also help you create a social media calendar to make sure content is planned ahead and posted consistently. It’s also important to choose a partner who listens and develops a sound strategy that will resonate with and showcase your unique brand.

When choosing a public relations partner to get your business noticed, it helps to choose professionals who are experienced, dedicated and understand the home service industry.

If it’s time for you to let us help get the word out about your company, contact us here, or give us a call at 865-977-1973.


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