Three Tips for Building Your Home Service PR Strategy

It’s tempting to focus on the daily work of running a home service business and let public relations take care of itself. After all, if you take care of clients, they’ll take care of you, right? But the truth is that managing your business’s reputation is just as important as keeping good records or maintaining your tools.

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Whether you work in HVAC or plumbing, you need a strategy for building positive publicity for your company. It doesn’t matter if you’re an electrician, roofer, or a general services handyman; marketing your home service company needs to be part of your business plan. Building positive publicity for your home service business doesn’t have to be a chore. You can incorporate things into your business plan that will help produce positive publicity for your company.



  • Ask for reviews: You provide excellent service and offer tremendous value to your customers. Don’t leave that PR capital on the table. Ask satisfied customers to rate and review your home service business on Google and social media. There was a time when you could hand a satisfied client a few business cards and hope for a referral or two. Today those referrals happen digitally and at a much higher volume. If you’re not asking for the review, you are leaving your company’s reputation up to fate.
  • Get in the news: Develop relationships with your local media outlets. Does your newspaper have an “Ask the Handyman” feature? Volunteer to provide tips for readers once a month. If you know that certain seasons or weather conditions always bring you more work, consider press releases at appropriate times throughout the year with information on how to avoid a weather-related home catastrophe.
  • Be involved in your community: One of the best ways to build goodwill and garner positive publicity is to give back to your community. Is there a local cause you and your employees are passionate about? Find out how you can be part of it. If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, offer it as a venue for a fundraiser. If you are thinking of running a special offer on your services, find a way to incorporate a charitable donation. And, of course, always celebrate what you are doing. Let the media know you are involved in the community with well-timed press releases. Post about your activities on social media and your company website.

These three core practices can help you build your home service public relations strategy. A home service PR agency like Ripley PR can take your strategy to the next level. With decades of combined experience building positive publicity for home service companies like yours, we have the expertise to jump-start your public relations and get you the positive publicity your business deserves.



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