Three things every healthcare IT startup needs to do to get in front of investors

Healthcare IT Public Relations

Wherever you are on your fundraising journey, one this is for certain: If you want to get to the latter stages of VC funding, and eventually cash out, you have to get maximum exposure to the right investors. As startup and healthcare IT public relations experts, we know a thing or two about the process—especially when it comes to your communication efforts.

If you’re a healthcare IT company looking for series A through C+ investments, here are the three things you must be doing to get in front of investors:

  1. Content creation – The three things covered in this article could have almost been content, content and content, because it’s just that important. Quality content—blogs, videos, social media posts, etc.—is the best way to continue to stay relevant and boost your presence in your space. Since web 3.0, your company has effectively become its own publisher, which means it’s now up to you to not only determine how and what you want to connect with your audience, but at what frequency and on what platform.
  2. News and partnership awareness – IP and sensitive information aside, any chance you get to showcase hard news or official partnerships is a chance to show you’re moving forward and not staying stagnant or falling behind the competition. The more you’re able to share this information, especially with reputable news outlets, the more your name will show up when specific keywords are searched for by investors.
  3. Thought leadership engagement – Any moment you have to discuss your expertise, not only in your field but also in the startup world, is a chance to impress an investor. Startup funding is more than just revenue, expansion, product/market fit, and if you’ve been in it long enough, you know there’s a plethora of jargon used exclusively in the space. The same can probably be said about your specific industry or the space you’re competing in. So the question then becomes: What can you talk about that pertains to both? Finding that sweet spot will allow you to get in front of the right people to share your experience.

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