Three reasons why your manufacturing company needs PR

public-relations-ripley-prRipley PR specializes in manufacturing public relations and one question that we get asked often is “why in the world does a manufacturing company need PR?” There are three excellent reasons why these businesses need public relations.

  • Recruiting – The industry in seeing a shortage in skilled workers. A good PR campaign can educate the public on what your manufacturing company does and assist with attracting the best workforce.
  • Crisis management – Manufacturing can be a risky business, and although your business is no doubt doing everything possible to prevent the worst, accidents do happen. It is not a matter of if a crisis occurs, it is more a matter of When these accidents happen, your company’s reputation is at risk and advanced planning is the key to your company’s survival. A PR agency can put together a crisis plan to help you handle the situation correctly.
  • Credibility –The manufacturing industry is highly specialized, you need a good PR company that can position you and your business as an expert. This will boost your business’s credibility in the industry. Dedicated outreach using press releases, and articles in trade publications can increase your business’s credibility in the industry.

If you need assistance in understanding how Manufacturing PR can grow your business, contact Ripley PR

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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