Three reasons franchises need public relations

If you’re the director of franchise development for a franchising business, you might feel pulled in a lot of different directions. You have to sell more franchises in order to keep your job, but you also don’t want to abandon those owners who you sold in the past. Meanwhile, you want to make sure your company’s brand is strong, familiar and carries a good reputation with it.

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While franchise public relations can’t eliminate these pressures, it can be a useful tool for fulfilling all of the aforementioned needs. PR can let potential owners know your business is open for investment. It can help existing franchisees increase sales, which might lead to those owners wanting to open more franchises. It can also help strengthen the brand in the public’s mind, which can make it easier to sell additional territories.

Here are three ways a public relations agency can help franchise businesses can make help make a franchise development director’s job a little easier.

One of the top concerns of any corporate franchise office is franchise development. Signing new development agreements is crucial to the success of any franchise over the long run. If your business is relatively new to franchising or isn’t a well-known name nationally, franchise PR can help get the word out that your business presents a great entrepreneurship opportunity. After all, people can’t invest in your business if they don’t know about it.

Franchise PR, marketing and advertising support is a big selling point for many prospective franchisees. Knowing the home office has their back and is going to assist with their marketing needs puts confidence in those owners who are less experienced in owning their own business. Utilizing PR to generate sales for franchisees is a great way to increase owner satisfaction. Public relations can be a way to get the word out regionally, directing traffic to regional offices. Any franchisor will tell you that an owner making money tends to be a happy one.

Whether you’re looking to raise awareness of your franchise’s brand by simply getting the name in front of people’s eyes or are looking to establish your business and its owners as experts in your field, brand building is a key benefit of franchise public relations. A company is only as strong as its brand, so franchisors want to make sure their business’s brand is strong.

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