Three boxes to check when hiring a B2B PR firm

Once you’ve decided you need to hire a public relations firm, selecting the right fit for your company will help determine whether the partnership thrives.

Getting off on the right foot is just as important in hiring a business-to-business public relations firm as it is when you embark on any other relationship. The key steps are making a good first impression, establishing boundaries and resB2B Public Relationsponsibilities, and working together toward common goals.

Here are three tip

s to keep in mind when vetting potential PR partners:

Decide what you want to accomplish with your PR strategy. A B2B approach is different from a consumer-focused approach. Establishing relationships with suppliers and customers should be a priority. Talk with prospective firms about realistic expectations for your business, given economic conditions, the makeup of your market sector and other factors.

Make sure the agency understands your business and your company culture. A PR firm that does not thoroughly know – or at least extensively research – a business sector is more likely to make tactical mistakes while implementing your plan. Knowing your company culture is one of the ways a PR firm can find ways to show where you differ from your competitors. They more the PR firm knows, the more it can help you achieve your goals.

Determine how you will gauge the PR firm’s performance. Working with the firm, you can determine what actions it should take on your behalf and how best to measure their effectiveness in light of your goals and expectations.

Through this process, you also will find out if your company and the PR firm have found the key ingredient in any business relationship – communication.

If you’re looking for a PR firm to help you stand out in your market, call the professionals at Ripley PR. We can work with you to develop a B2B public relations strategy that will help you reach your business goals.

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