Thomas Fraser

Thomas Fraser, Content Writer
Thomas brings 20 years of editing, reporting and newsroom leadership skills to Ripley.

He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Journalism and Electronic Media and began his daily news media career in Maryville. He has since worked as an editor and reporter for five newspapers and websites in New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

He possesses the traditional skills associated with excellent journalism but also has a wide knowledge of newsroom operations in the digital age. Thomas knows how to get your public relations materials in front of the right people for maximum results, and he knows how to tell a good story, explain why your products and services matter, and provide context for busy journalists. He is as comfortable writing a white paper as he is writing a social media post, and understands readership habits and the need to write for specific audiences.

His writing, research and reporting skills have been recognized with multiple citations, including the prestigious Malcolm Law Memorial Award from the Associated Press.

His background ensures Ripley clients receive quality, well-researched, concise copywriting to promote their brands before a range of both traditional and digital outlets.

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