Think outside the Sunsphere — National Exposure for Knox-based Tech

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Tech companies are on the rise in eastern Tennessee. By working with an agency that understands Knoxville public relations and has global experience, these companies can get the feel of a hometown partnership but with national reach.

Why public relations?

Tech businesses should always be striving to reach a larger audience and reinforce their brand and quality of their product to potential and existing customers. Working with the right PR agency can provide the wind to a brand’s sails.

The right PR strategy can help a business identify media outlets such as industry publications, newspapers, and podcasts that appeal to their audience and design a plan to share company news and creative stories with those outlets to achieve earned media.

What is earned media?

Earned media is placement in a news medium by way of providing useful content to the editorial team and their following. The key difference between earned and paid media is more than just the cost – earned media placement provides the opportunity to become a recognized and trusted brand in the company’s space.

Examples of earned media include:

  • Press releases in the newspaper or an industry publication
  • Published commentary on an industry trend
  • Featured guest editorial on an industry topic
  • Guest appearance on a popular podcast

By offering the audience with helpful tips, industry knowledge, and unique stories, businesses will be viewed as a leader and expert in their space. This is a great way to establish and reinforce a brand and expand recognition to new potential customers!


Having a strategy to garner national earned media placement will enable brands to feel the momentum that an increase in visibility can bring. By working with the experts at Ripley PR, Knoxville-based businesses can stretch their legs and open up avenues to customers that may have been out of reach before. For questions or to learn more, give the Ripley PR team a call at (865) 977-1973 or check out our website.

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