The Six Sigma basics of Manufacturing Public Relations

Manufacturing public relations can help you grow your business

Improve the quality and efficiency of your B2B marketing budget with manufacturing PR

As a business owner, you want to achieve real and measurable results, and you expect the same from your marketing and manufacturing public relations team. If you want to incorporate Six Sigma and Lean principles on the marketing side of things, here’s how partnering with Ripley PR can add value and help your company grow:

There’s no need to have a full marketing department.

We’re a part of your team. We can help you identify which tactics will be most appropriate to reach your target audience and create a strategy around that – whether it’s making use of paid media coverage, earned media coverage, or growing and optimizing your own communication channels. Having trouble with internal communication strategies? We can help. We don’t have to be on-site to help you improve internal communication processes.

We streamline your media outreach

No need to take any unnecessary steps in building relationships with key media outlets, or figuring out how to earn media coverage. Our team of experts does this every day and we can help you connect with the right media contacts for optimal media exposure in your niche industry.

We optimize your social media process

Make the most of your social media platforms by using it to distribute high-impact content to help close more sales. Our team can help you make each piece of content count. No more time and energy wasted on social media platforms and content that won’t help you grow your business.

If you are interested in understanding how manufacturing public relations can help you grow your business, contact Ripley PR today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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