The Power of Video in B2B Public Relations

One could argue that one of the advantages a B2B company has in delivering its message is that most operating in the B2B space occupy a niche and have a very clear audience. B2C companies may have an ideal customer base and some key demographics, but more often than not B2C companies shoot far and wide while relying on flashy advertising, catchy slogans and jingles, and savvy marketing messages that reflect their knowledge of current trends.

While B2B companies may know exactly who they need to talk to, sometimes they’re a little behind the times when it comes to executing that communication. As the younger generations grow and occupy more decision-making roles, B2B companies must recognize how better to meet them on their terms and capture their attention. One of the best to communicate your brand in 2019 is through video, and an experienced B2B public relations agency can help your videos deliver the right impact to the right audience.

Two B2B representatives deliver their messages on camera.

Here are a couple statistics that point toward the urgency of adopting video as a primary vehicle for communicating your brand:

  • A 2015 study by Google discovered that 70 percent of B2B researchers watched online videos as they made their purchasing decisions. Nearly 50 percent watched more than 30 minutes of video – and that was four years ago.
  • The same study found at the time that millennials, the first true “digital natives,” comprised nearly half of all B2B researchers. This percentage has increased and will ONLY increase until the post-millennial generation begins to occupy more of these positions.

So how can partnering with the right B2B public relations agency help you maximize your video content?

An experienced agency can help you use your videos to:

  • Humanize your company and display authenticity – Syed Balkhi recently wrote in Entrepreneur, “How do you get consumers to trust your company? You do it by showing them the human side of your brand.” By showing off your team and personality on social media and your website, your likelihood of convincing B2B researchers to choose your services will increase as they become more familiar with who you are behind the branding.
  • Secure key media placement – By using video to modernize the age-old press release and augment expertly crafted pitches, your PR team can catch the media’s attention in fresh ways and give them a better idea of the dynamic visuals and interviews you and your brand can provide.
  • Tell your story in a memorable way – According to a 2017 Forbes article, messages delivered by video are retained by 95 percent of viewers as opposed to only 10 percent retention when delivered by text.

To find out more about why your B2B company should be using video in 2019 and how an experienced B2B public relations agency can help, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.


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