The Power of Franchise Public Relations

If you own a franchise, you know that there are a number of different opportunities that you can take advantage of to help grow your franchise. While many of the opportunities may come from the franchisor level, finding a franchise public relations partner like Ripley PR can help you maximize public relations and marketing to drive interest in your market, as well as interest in your individual locations. franchise public relations

What can franchise public relations do for you? On a day to day basis, a franchise public relations partner can help generate media interest in your franchise, help create website content, manage your social media platforms and drive greater interest in your franchise business and the products/services that you have to offer. Franchise public relations can be managed at the national franchisor level, as well as assisting your individual franchises as well.

A franchise public relations partner can help manage all aspects of your franchise, including:

  • Media Coverage – On a local, state and national level, a franchise public relations partner can pitch your franchise story, as well as stories about your individual franchises, to the media. In a local market, you can promote events, promotions and other marketing information about your franchise location to the local media. On a national level, a franchise public relations partner can pitch your successes, your story and your products to generate national coverage, which will also benefit your franchises on a local level.
  • Website Content – Many franchise owners are looking to be found through web search for specific products, services and unique selling points to interested parties. Your franchise public relations partner can help determine the best ways to promote your website content through search engine optimization and content marketing plans to drive consistency in your franchise brand message.
  • Social Media Platforms – To help drive further interaction and interest in your franchise business, your franchise public relations partner can help create content, manage updates and share information through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other social media platforms. Having a corporate franchise social media identity that can be assimilated by your franchise locations can help create a singular identity to drive interaction with your franchise business and individual locations to drive interest.

If you are looking for ways to maximize your franchise business potential, talk to the franchise public relations experts at Ripley PR, who have worked with a number of franchisors and franchisees to grow their franchises on the local, state and national levels. Contact Ripley PR today to utilizing the power of franchise public relations with a franchise public relations partner like Ripley PR.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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