The Positive Power of Home Service PR

Home service is one of the most competitive industries around, as those companies are constantly competing with rivals for customers and employees. Whether you do heating and air, plumbing, electrical, garage doors, pest control or some combination of the above, you’ve likely got at least one competitor in your town for each service you provide.

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How to stick out from the rest

One way to get your name to potential customers and employees is to utilize home service PR to create what we like to call “top-of-mind awareness.” In case you’re not familiar with that term, it means that when someone has to name a plumber or heating and air company, they think of your company’s name first.

How does it work?

By utilizing home service public relations, of course! Getting your company’s name in the news, whether it’s a brief in the newspaper or a segment on the local TV broadcast, can pay dividends you may not see from traditional advertising. After all, they won’t let just anyone on TV, right? They have to know what they’re talking about! It builds trust with your customers who know that when they call you, they’re getting the best professionals in town.

Likewise, when skilled employees are looking for new jobs, you’ll be able to point to your press clippings to show how respected your business is in the community. You gain credibility and can show that you’re working hard to increase business by being in the news regularly.

In the end, you can find big gains in your business from home service public relations by generating more calls to your business and attracting the most skilled tradespeople in your area.

What to do next

Ripley PR has worked with home service companies big and small from across the United States, and we’ve seen the success home service public relations can bring. To start getting your home service company in the news, contact Ripley PR today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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