The Multi-Layered Advantages of Franchise PR

Franchise businesses are unique in a lot of ways. They allow people to become entrepreneurs without having to build everything from the ground up. They give aspiring business owners a way of joining an established company that has brand recognition. Franchises also are a multi-layered business where there may be different goals among the franchisees and franchisor.

Franchise public relations

This layer cake of a business model can make franchise public relations an important tool for everyone involved to accomplish a wide range of objectives. Franchisees want to increase sales, hire good people and possibly expand their business to more locations. Franchisors want to sell more franchises, hire good people, increase brand awareness and help franchisees thrive.

Here are three ways a public relations agency can help franchise businesses line up the goals of both corporate office and individual owner.

  • Increase sales

Whether a company is looking to spread into new territories or sell additional franchises in existing territories, PR can boost development efforts by getting the company name in front of prospective buyers using award submissions, trade media stories or local coverage in target markets. Likewise, leveraging public relations to spread brand awareness for franchisees can boost sales for individual locations.

  • Build brand awareness

If a franchisor is looking to expand its operations, particularly in a big city, local PR can help achieve that goal by introducing the company’s name to new people. Those people can hear about a neighboring franchise location doing well and want to start one in their neighborhood. Franchisees can see benefits by building excitement and brand recognition among the local population, turning them into customers.

  • Keeping people happy

Selling more franchises is going to make any franchisor happy, but PR can also be utilized as a tool to keep franchisees happy. People like to be in the news and tell their friends “Hey, did you see me on TV?” Getting a media interview with a franchisee can be a way to increase morale and show the individual owners that corporate is looking out for them by giving them the chance to get their name in the news. Meanwhile, franchisees get a sense of pride, can see increased sales and get a press clip they can put on the wall in their office.

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Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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