The Human Element – How Franchise Public Relations Can Help Achieve Growth Through Storytelling

Franchise media followers regularly read the usual reports of sales figures, location growth and financial stability, and potential franchise owners will scan myriad digital indexes in hopes of finding the perfect, most fail-safe franchise for their investment dollar. With the wealth of information available online about franchise brands available for purchase, it can seem as though those cold statistics and dollar signs will always trump inspiration. However, Ripley PR, an agency experienced in franchise public relations, knows that one of the most valuable tools a franchise system has in their marketing toolkit truly comes to light when a new location opens.

That tool happens to be the genuine, compelling and unique story of the franchise owner.

When a newly opened franchise is placed in the spotlight of a national press release or a story in the media, there is an opportunity to make the franchisee and his or her journey to ownership relatable and therefore a terrific vehicle with which to sell your brand. From background information and prior work experience to their often-unique inspiration for choosing your brand, getting your owners’ stories in front of other potential franchise owners can help them realize, “Oh, I want this too.”

Of course, another benefit to relating the stories of owners is humanizing the franchise for potential customers in their local market. Having a sort of knowledge about the faces behind the business inspires confidence and creates comfort in customers, and the familiarity can lead to more positive reviews and a higher likelihood of referrals and word of mouth business. Franchise public relations can help your business speak to these hyperlocal audiences as well as the national franchise business media, and happy franchise owners can help sell the entire brand.

To find out more about how Ripley PR can help your franchise system by telling the stories of your owners, contact Ripley PR today.

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