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Home service tradesmen are an invaluable asset to homeowners. Your home needs a check-up just like your dental and wellness. How do you become a local household name and build a steady clientele?

Here are some ways you can boost engagement and become the favorite home service expert in your community.

Communicate seasonal wellness– Encouraging area residents to practice regular home health maintenance will help you manage your demand seasons. Get ahead of your peak seasons by sharing the value of a home check-up before problems occur.

Share knowledge-You are a wealth of knowledge in a very important trade. Share tips and advice in community publications. A specialized home service public relations agency can help you share your knowledge and position you as an expert in your service territory.

Build trust– You often encounter your customers at a time when they are very overwhelmed. They want a fix to their problem but they want reassurance they are given a fair price. Listen carefully to their problem. Communicate the steps you took to investigate, explain repairs and reasons why they are needed,and offer options such as postponing non-immediate fixes. Trust leads to repeat business.

Give back-Be charitable within the community. Partner with a local nonprofit or create a giving campaign that services a local family in need

If you want your home service business to be the go-to in your town, a home service public relations agency with talent and expertise can help you get there.

As the No. 1 home service public relations agency in the U.S., Ripley PR would love to talk with you about growing your business. We know we can elevate your company to expert status.

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