The Automotive Love Story

There isn’t anything quite like the relationship with your car. Your first car gives you freedom and autonomy – something a teenager wants more than anything else. Your family car carries memories of bringing your children safely home from the hospital and takes the wear and tear of countless trips to soccer games, baseball practices, vacations and dance lessons. Then there is your dream car that represents everything you worked hard for and accomplished.

There are so many reasons why people choose their cars, it’s very tailored to the buyer. As an automotive company, you have the layered task of appealing to the masses while making your message seem individual to your potential buyers.

How Can PR Grab the Attention of Your Audience?

There are many strategies in the PR realm that can bring attention to your automotive business and create that emotional connection with consumers. An agency specializing in automotive public relations can help.

Power of the Written Word

Storytelling is a powerful tool especially when your product is part of someone’s story. Content marketing can help paint the picture in the minds of your audience using the written word. An experienced automotive content team can also use keywords to boost search engine optimization (SEO) and get appealing content in front of your target audience.

Garnered Media

Your automotive audience comes from all walks of life. Some are looking for an affordable and reliable option for their family while others want something flashy that speaks to status and socioeconomic status. Most everyone needs a car which means your target media can be quite broad. That’s where PR comes in. Media relations specialists can monitor national stories and automotive trends and gear your message towards relevant topics. Also, if there is a specific audience you are trying to reach, they can narrow the target media and get your company in front of the right consumers.

Plan for a Crisis

People put a lot of trust in the cars they drive. Afterall, an automotive malfunction can be fatal. If an incident occurs that puts your company’s reputation at risk, a PR agency can help maintain trust in your business among your consumers. If something unfortunate happens, putting a crisis plan in place can help keep the message to the public clear and transparent while eliminating any unnecessary fallout from investors and important stakeholders.

Let’s Jumpstart your Automotive PR Strategy

We know your company has a big responsibility to the public and we want to help boost your successes and share your message strategically.

If you are ready to take your automotive company to the next level, contact Ripley PR today. We specialize in the automotive industry and we can’t wait to hear what your company is all about. Call us at 865.977.1973 to get started today.


Choosing the right car for you and your family is important.

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