The Art of the Soft Sell

Your Content Should Get to the Point … Gently

Are you tired of being sold?

That’s valid, because so am I.

Every hour of every day, we are bombarded with ads and marketing. Some estimates say that Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. When we see that volume of advertising, it’s logical that we start to block it out. Even when we see ads online, our eyes skim over them as though they’re not there. And we’re always suspicious of being “sold.”

The same is true for your home service customers. They’re sick and tired of being sold, so how do you make a sale? The answer is the soft sell, the key to content marketing as part of your home service public relations plan. Content marketing isn’t just about boosting SEO. It’s about providing value and growing rapport with the people you want to reach.

More Than an Algorithm

When I create blog content for a client, I set my sights on the client’s customer, the human being who will eventually read the piece. That person probably didn’t come across the blog with a general search for plumbers. They found it because they searched, “What’s wrong with my water heater?” They’re searching, sometimes urgently, for answers.

That person needs information, and they need it now. They’re not going to sit still for a sale. But if they get the answers they need without feeling pressured to buy, they’ve built brand knowledge and trust with the client. And they’re more likely to call on the client when they discover that the water heater repair is beyond their ability to fix.

Creating blog content is about teaching people, not selling or feeding a search engine algorithm.

Easy Does it

But the sale needs to go in there somewhere, right? Or why are we writing content in the first place? This depends on your point of view. Some content creators say the sale shouldn’t be in a blog at all. Some answer with a gentle call to action.

In my opinion, when crafting a blog, the lighter the touch, the better. Think feather duster instead of baseball bat. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What do you want when something goes wrong in your home? Chances are, it’s not a sales pitch. But a well-crafted blog will work the pitch in softly and unobtrusively.

Need Help?

Ironically, this is where I work in a soft sell of my own. But it’s worth acknowledging that writing content that promotes your company without looking like marketing is tricky even for professionals. And the task can take time away from the important business of running your company. A home service public relations agency like Ripley PR will have mastered the soft sell, and we can build blogs that are more than just strings of keywords. If you would like to find out more, call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online.

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