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When a customer calls a home service provider, they are likely having a very bad day. Finding a provider that can be trusted can be a difficult thing. Brand recognition can be a powerful tool to empower a customer to make the right decision and place that call to your team.

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Backing your marketing plan with industry-leading home service public relations know-how is a great way to build the trust and brand recognition that your business needs to stand out from the crowd.

Working closely with a team of PR and content development pros is a great way to tell your community your story. Here are some PR strategies that can help the best businesses shine:

Steady stream of press releases

Press releases can be a great way to keep your community in the loo. New hires, growth, volunteer events, and even non-promotional tips for seasonal issues can be a fantastic way to keep your company in the limelight and top of mind.

Ongoing media outreach

An expert media relations team will know exactly how to build relationships with top outlets in your area. Coming up with unique story ideas for TV, print and radio opportunities and sharing them with the bests hosts and writers in your area is the task and the right team of media relations pros have the know-how to get results.


PR can be a great way for the best home service businesses to tell their story. Consistent press release distribution and a media outreach plan can be the difference between your CSRs fielding record breaking amounts of calls this year.

To learn more about harnessing the power of PR, reach out to the Ripley PR team at (865)977-1973.


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