Tech Public Relations: Generating More Leads with White Papers

Get your target audience hooked on your next whitepaper with tech public relations.One of the best tools in your tech company’s traffic funneling arsenal is a well-written and informative white paper. Without the right support, however, they can be quite the undertaking. Partnering with an experienced tech public relations team can help with the heavy lifting. By establishing a compelling narrative around a common industry problem, you can position your tech as the de facto solution to the challenge at hand.

With a white paper, you must persuade first on facts and data. Get the ingredients wrong–too heavy on the promotional or marketing side–and you’ll leave a bitter taste in the reader’s mouth.

But when you steep it in research and finish it with accurate, on-brand messaging, your white paper will result in a smooth and engaging lead generation tool for your business.

So how do you brew up a winning white paper, and what do you do with it to ensure everyone gets a taste?

Next level white papers with tech public relations

First, understand that good white papers need thorough research and data. These aren’t one-day deliverables like blog posts.

Take your time and sufficiently educate the audience on the problem, hypothesize and detail your solution, then take them on a journey as you discuss examples of companies finding success with that solution. When you’re done, hit them hard with a strong conclusion that summarizes your most poignant points.

Second, don’t leave the white paper in hiding, gated behind a lead gen landing page–by all means, do set up a landing page that grants access to the paper–but also make sure you announce the white paper with a press release to targeted media outlets. When you share the good word about your white paper, you increase the reach and effectiveness of your marketing funnel.

With earned media coverage, you can leverage the audience of well-known, trusted media sources and reap the benefit of positioning your solution as more credible in the eyes of your audience. Not only does earned media reduce skepticism and resistance to your proposed solution, it heightens your tech company’s perceived authority and expertise in the industry.

Did we mention the SEO benefits? Backlinks abound and traffic signals soar when your story announcing the white paper is published. When done right, using tech public relations alongside your content marketing–social media, blog, newsroom and newsletters–to announce your tech white paper will pump traffic into your gated lead gen.

To market white papers effectively takes work, and having a team experienced in tech public relations can make a plan this come to fruition much easier than going it alone. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, contact Ripley PR or call 865-977-1973 today.


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