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The bane of many a plumbing, HVAC or electrical company is a piece of negative publicity going viral. From investigative reporters’ stings to disgruntled former employees tearing across social media, there are several ways the wrong story or video can go viral. Once that happens, it can be tough to regain control of your narrative before a lot of damage – in the way of comments, shares and reviews – is done.Home service public relations campaign going viral

A famous writer once said “everything’s eventual,” and a crisis for any business is no different. One of the best ways, however, to combat the inevitable crisis is to plan to go viral in a positive way first and build up a wealth of positive equity, so to speak.

While not every post or campaign will align the stars and truly go viral, siding with an agency experienced in home service public relations will certainly help lay the framework for positive momentum. Better yet, choosing a PR team with an in-house content marketing team will ensure your messaging remains aligned and on-point for your brand.

Planning and Consistency Are Key

To increase your chances of going viral with positive posts, you need to establish a content marketing strategy and then execute consistently. The content experts at a professional home service public relations agency will work with you to develop planned posts each month that serve to reach your target audiences, create engagement and build momentum.

Between the planned posts, however, it’s critical to interact with your PR team to keep them apprised of the good works your team is doing and share any special moments they capture in the field. By keeping communications open and encouraging your service experts to always be on the lookout for emotionally moving, funny (and appropriate) or impressive moments to capture on camera, you can increase the amount of great content your PR pros can work into your plan to go viral and dominate your market.

To learn more about how a home service public relations agency with an in-house content marketing team like Ripley PR can help you plan to go viral, contact us by calling (865) 977-1973.


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