Struggling to recruit for your manufacturing business?

Manufacturing PR can help with recruitingWith the U.S. steaming towards full employment, recruiting the right people seems challenging across the board. Whether you need machinists to work at your manufacturing plant, or design engineers to model innovative new products, the right people for your company are out there. You just need to find them.

So what can you do differently? Consider manufacturing public relations.

The experienced team at Ripley PR has worked with many human resources and recruiting teams helping manufacturing companies recruit the best candidates.

Here are a few ways our team has been helping manufacturing HR teams recruit:

  • Position you company as a place where people actually want to work. What do people in the town or city you are based in know about your company? Do they even know you operate there? PR can help you tell your brand story and build your brand within the local and surrounding communities from where you need to recruit.
  • Community involvement. Our team can help you identify key community projects and events to get involved in to help you connect with people and build a positive reputation.
  • Social media. One or two posts a month directing people to your careers page won’t get you far. You need to be more intentional with your social media presence and Ripley PR can help you make the most of this incredible resource. You’ll need different posts to recruit machinists compared to design engineers or operations specialists. Does your HR manager have a following on her LinkedIn page where she can post stories about the town, new job openings, and brag about the company achievements? Are the internal employees sharing job posts on their personal social pages? Let us help you exponentially increase your audience reach with key social media strategies.
  • Website landing page. It’s one thing to direct people to your website to look for careers, but is it easy for them to navigate to the right page and to submit an application? Or do you have an antiquated system forcing job applicants to spend at least an hour to submit a basic job application? We can help you create a simple and easy to navigate careers pages where potential recruits can find the info they need and easily apply for positions that match their skills.

To find out how the experienced public relations team at Ripley PR can further help you with your recruiting efforts for your manufacturing company, contact us today.


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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