Stomp the Cockroaches: Maintaining Your B2B Social Media Image Through PR

Except for some overenthusiastic entomologists, does anybody like cockroaches? I don’t. Anyway, you’re a business owner and cockroaches don’t concern you. But, from a B2B public relations standpoint, they probably should.Cockroach

So, a cockroach crawls into a bar …

Here’s a story: I was looking for a restaurant the other day, so, I pulled out my phone and did some googling. I saw a nearby restaurant with good ratings and was about to head over. …Then, I saw the picture. Someone had snapped a pic of a cockroach crawling across their table and uploaded it to Google Maps. Guess where I didn’t go?

Social media problems

How does this tale apply to your business? You see, cockroaches aren’t just insects. They can be the persistent image problems that can pop up for your company on social media. And, like the insects, they can proliferate much faster than you expect if left unaddressed.

Social media lets anyone be a brand ambassador for your company, and that’s not always a good thing. One bad review or an embarrassing photo might not seem like much, but, bit by bit, they can add up and damage your brand’s reputation; however, you also don’t want to go around blindly responding to negative publicity without taking a considered approach.

How we can help

An experienced B2B public relations agency like Ripley PR can provide the tools to preserve and enhance your reputation. We can monitor reviews on all social media platforms and respond to them in a professional manner. Engaging customers who offer good reviews creates good will. Properly addressing negative reviews can help minimize the damage and even give you the opportunity to convert the complaint into a positive outcome.

Call Ripley PR at 865-977-1973 and learn how we can help protect your brand’s image. Our experienced team has the know-how to help you craft a winning social media strategy. Contact us today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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