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While some may argue that the COVID-19 crisis has not totally been a textbook “black swan” event, the magnitude of its impact on our lives and the economy has been largely unexpected by most. Many businesses, while putting up noble fights and implementing reasonable and otherwise timely action plans, are still just hanging on by a thread. A scant few have continued to thrive, many didn’t make it through at all, and too many to count have now faced at least one crisis.B2B executive upset over unexpected crisis

If your B2B company suffered a crisis recently, did you see it coming? If so, did you get out ahead of it immediately or did you wait to react once reporters came knocking?

It’s commonly known that one major service offering of PR firms is crisis management, but to many, it’s viewed as an emergency service and perhaps approached like a bandage. At Ripley PR, we believe that to best manage a crisis, you have to think more about when – not if – one is going to happen.

Partnering with a truly experienced B2B public relations agency should not only help you weather the storm when it happens, but it should help you learn to spot the clouds taking shape.

Controlling the chaos

Let’s be clear – we’re not claiming to have predicted the sheer effects of this pandemic. However, the situation has served to confirm the value of being prepared for anything. As long-prepared crisis plans resurfaced, tried and true methods were put into place early, and discussions were had about how to spot potential crises brewing, damage control suddenly became a little easier.

While we understand that each B2B company, from manufacturing and Contech to innovative SaaS providers and coaching firms, have uniquely different needs, here are just a few must-haves that a B2B public relations agency like Ripley PR can help implement:

  • A thorough crisis communications plan for company and agency use, developed well in advance when the skies are clear
  • A carefully chosen crisis response team made up of company and agency members that can be on-deck and ready to go
  • Training on how to recognize the various, and often unique, crises that could potentially arise for your specific business and how to get ahead to retain control of the narrative

If your company is combatting crisis now or is interested in learning how to better prepare for the next one, contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973.

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