Standing Out From the Crowd: Using PR to Boost Your Health IT Brand

Big data is one of the most significant opportunities available in the health-care industry. Digital records and test results, wearable technology, sensors, robotics, and artificial intelligence generate billions of bits of information that can be analyzed. That information can then be used to create in-depth individual patient profiles, assist diagnoses, or identify large-scale health and treatment trends. It might even help health-care providers predict illness before it happens.

The Power of PR

Health-care IT companies that can manage all this data will have a distinct advantage in the marketplace. But that won’t necessarily be enough. An experienced health IT public relations agency like Ripley PR can help health-care technology companies differentiate themselves from their competitors by creating a consistent message, generating positive media coverage, and managing any crisis situations that may arise.

As health care and technology become more and more complex, the communications challenges health IT companies face will increase. Here’s what a PR agency can provide.

  • Message: Ripley PR’s communications professionals work with you to create a message consistent with your company’s values and strengths. Whether it’s aimed at clients, customers, vendors, or the media, a strong, steady core message can be an invaluable asset in differentiating your company from its competition.
  • Media coverage: Ripley PR’s experienced media specialists will deliver your message to the media outlets that mean the most to you, whether that’s local TV, industry trades, or national magazines.
  • Crisis management: The opportunity presented by big data also comes with enormous risk. Hacks and stolen data can bring negative public attention and potential financial and legal liability. A crisis-management plan created in advance with Ripley PR establishes protocol and procedures for all stages of managing a crisis and allows you to put the situation in the hands of experienced professionals.

If your health-care IT company needs help moving into the era of big data, contact Ripley PR.


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