Stand Out from the Crowd using Home Service Public Relations

There is a story too often seen in the home service industry: The excellent plumbing or HVAC contractor who can fix any problem but just can’t get the name recognition it deserves.

While home service contractors are great at fixing any problems a homeowner might face, finding the right tools to effectively market themselves can be tough. Effective promotion and an adequate amount of brand awareness can make or break your business.

This is where home service public relations can help. Ripley PR has years of experience in the home service industry. Our PR specialists possess the tools to promote and get your brand’s name in the hands of the people who matter the most, the customer.

There are a few ways that Ripley PR can help your business separate itself away from the pack:

  • Content creation: Blogs are an excellent way to showcase your expertise in your field. It helps build brand recognition and helps establish you as an expert in your field. In addition to that, it helps improve your SEO in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Social media strategies: In today’s world, social media is an ever-growing medium reaching potential customers. Our experts can develop social media strategies to help create fan engagement and promote your business.
  • Build a strong media presence: Ripley PR specializes in the home service industry. We have a catalog of media contacts at the local and national level, along with resources in the trade publication industry. We have the capability to get your brand in the markets you desire. Articles in a media outlet are just one of many ways that a company can get their message in the hands of the customer, but it is very effective. Our experts can develop press releases and articles that catch the attention of reliable media outlets.

Contact Ripley PR today if you are ready to separate yourself from the pack. Call us at (865) 977-1973 and let us get started.


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