Stand Out at Home Shows with Home Service Public Relations

Home service public relations can help make your next home show appearance a success.HVAC, plumbing and electrical shows are exciting, inspiring places to be when you’re a contractor. From new tools and technology to best practices and processes, it’s easy to return home ready to take on the world and hit record heights of performance. However, as beneficial as these shows are for your business strategy, a strong presence at local home shows remains critical for driving immediate revenue and securing new install customers. While the act of simply attending a home improvement show itself might not necessarily be worth the effort of a full-on media outreach campaign, there are several ways that an experienced home service public relations team can help you stand out from the other exhibitors.

Use home service public relations media relations to boost your home show marketing plan 

Before laying out a strategy to drive traffic to your booths, make sure your public relations partner is a trusted team that really understands the home services industry. At Ripley PR, for example, we know what questions to ask that can uncover news to publicize heading into your home shows. Did you recently launch a new service or add a new zip code to your market? Are there new zoning or code requirements in your area homeowners should know about? Have you launched a new community or charitable initiative?

Once an assessment is made, a plan to build momentum heading into any home shows can be outlined and executed.

If news in uncovered that warrants a press release, it’s a great opportunity to slide in a mention about your presence at the next home show. You or your team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions and elaborate more on the recent news or services launched.

Another great way to build momentum heading into home show season is to develop some engaging, educational blogs about the services and products you plan to showcase. These blogs will help draw traffic to your website, and they can be shared across your social media channels too for more visibility.

If you’re planning a season of home show appearances and want to capture the attention of homeowners looking to tackle their next projects, call Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973 today to find out how adding home service public relations to your marketing plan can help.


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