Spotlight your Innovative Tech with Construction Public Relations

Improve recruiting and retention by spotlighting your technology with construction public relationsTo say it’s an interesting time for the construction industry is putting it mildly. There are challenges, yes, like the costs of materials lingering supply chain issues, but there are positive developments like last year’s infrastructure bill and an increasing demand for new projects. To stand out from other B2B ConTech companies vying for the attention of growth-hungry contractors, spotlight the cost- and time-saving elements of your unique solution. That’s easier said than done, but partnering with a PR team with experience specific to construction public relations can provide the consultation and strategy you need to gain an edge on the competition with earned media placement.

Getting Strategic

At Ripley PR, we build our partnerships on a foundation of strategy. We understand the desire to shout your product from the tallest skyscraper, but it’s important to agree on a solid brand story and deliver consistent messaging. When you choose a construction public relations partner, ensure that you’re both speaking the same “language” and that a clear, detailed communications strategy is developed to guide the relationship. This enhances the accuracy of your content, like press releases and thought leadership articles, and it means that your media relations team will be pursuing placement in outlets that will speak to your target audience.

The Earned Media Advantage

When your primary driver is selling your product, marketing and advertising are particularly attractive. They’re directly promotional, they’re more controllable and they’re often quite measurable. One thing they don’t do, however, is add any credibility or trust to your brand. Earned media, which is placement in media outlets written by a third party and not purchased. It’s so effective that Cision recently reported 92% of consumers trust earned media.

By leaning on the strategy developed by your construction public relations team and ensuring a spokesperson is available to take action on media opportunities, you can develop a momentum in the media that your leads will see, read and trust. Over time, this should lead to shorter lead times and lower cost-per-acquisition.

Don’t give your competitors additional time to figure out PR themselves. Call us at Ripley PR today and find out how construction public relations can help. You can reach us online or by calling (865) 977-1973.


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