Speak Up: Why manufacturing industry speaking engagements are essential, and how PR can help

Manufacturing professionals probably didn’t appreciate how valuable industry conferences are until they disappeared a few months ago. With most 2020 trade events canceled, postponed or virtual as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturing insiders have lost one of the most important connections to their colleagues, competitors and customers.

Now that it’s clear how much conferences and trade shows matter, it’s time to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Standing in the spotlight

One of the most effective and efficient tools for business leaders is an industry speaking engagement. Standing in the spotlight in front of your peers is an enormous opportunity to talk to other decision makers and experts. There are practical benefits – you have a captive audience of potential leads and a chance to tell them, in your own words, about your products and company.

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The long-term benefits are harder to measure but even more important:

  • Brand awareness: Connecting a company’s public profile with a real person helps audience members develop a lasting positive association.
  • Credibility: You’ve been selected by the event organizers, who are experience professionals. Simply being on the schedule means that many audience members will perceive you as someone worth listening to.
  • Thought leadership: Once you’re on stage, you have a chance to set yourself and your company apart as innovators. Show your peers that you’re leading the industry, not following, by offering new perspectives on familiar topics or challenging conventional wisdom.

Intense competition

There’s one catch to all this: The competition for speaking engagements is intense. It’s the C-suite version of college admissions. Finding the time, the right topic and the right audience takes intense prep work, and you have to accept that there will be rejections.

That’s why an experienced manufacturing public relations agency is your best partner for speaking opportunities. A team of professional PR experts who already know how to navigate industry events and submission processes can work with you step by step, from identifying events and topics to helping shape the final presentation.

If you’re ready to hit the stage, Ripley PR can help. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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