Social Media Best Practices: The Best Times to Post and Why

The old philosophical idea regarding “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” can be updated for today’s world for B2B businesses to be “If you tweet an offer about your business and no one takes advantage of it, did it really happen?” For many B2B businesses, having a social media presence is expected, but if the posts that are being shared with others aren’t resulting in engagement, there may not be a point. Working with a B2B public relations partner like Ripley PR can not only strengthen your social media presence, but our team can also help you understand the best times to post on social media and why those times are important.B2B Public Relations Social Media

The most important aspect of deciding when to post on social media is having information on the audience that you are trying to reach, as well as what type of interaction you are hoping to gain. If you are looking to promote an offer to anyone who may be interested, the message that you create with your B2B public relations company may be drastically different than a social media post that is geared to a specific audience. Understanding how social media works before engaging in a series of social media engagements can help your B2B business better understand the message that you are trying to send.

According to FastCompany, the best times to post social updates on Facebook is in the 1 pm to 4 pm time block, based on the time zone that your intended message is going out. The dreaded “afternoon slump” means that a number of people head to Facebook and this is a great time to reach out to drive higher click through rates.

For Twitter, the best time for your message to be retweeted is after 3 pm every day of the week. If you are attempting to reach consumers, tweet on weekends and Wednesday to get the most engagement. For B2B businesses, tweeting your messages out on a Monday – Thursday schedule will allow you to find the most traction with your desired markets.

If you are looking to maximize your opportunities with social media platforms as a B2B business, knowing the right time to tweet, Facebook post or connect on LinkedIn is only half of the battle. Having an engaging and interesting content plan can not only help drive interest in your B2B capabilities, but can also differentiate you from competition. If your B2B business needs assistance with learning how to leverage social media to drive more positive results, working with a B2B public relations company like Ripley PR can be the difference you need in making your message count in social media.

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