Smart PR can shift your automotive business into overdrive

Cars have become so smart they can drive themselves, but driving even the most innovative products to customers still requires a steady hand on the wheel.

Technological advaautomotive public relations technology advantagences such as biometric vehicle access and driver override systems are right around the corner, and visionaries around the world are developing new and fantastic products that will propel the industry further into the future. A comprehensive automotive public relations strategy can be the GPS system your company needs to navigate this ever-changing marketplace.

Here are three roads your automotive public relations strategy can take to keep you ahead of the competition:

Toot your own horn
Your innovations are meaningless if no one knows about them. The primary engine of effective public relations is using the media to get your message to your customers. Announcing technological breakthroughs, new products and sales growth show your customers the vibrancy of your company. Speaking at trade shows and giving interviews to the media establish your executives as experts in the field and raise your firm’s profile.

Get others to toot your horn, too
A satisfied customer can be the best sales representative for your company. Testimonials from customers and positive product reviews enhance your company’s reputation in the market. White papers and case studies can demonstrate how you solve problems and deliver value.

Drive digital awareness
The majority of customer research is done online before any direct contact is made between vendor and customer. Your website needs to be helpful, informative and easy to use. And don’t ignore social media, even if you are a B2B company. Social media is word-of-mouth marketing on digital steroids, with the potential to make or break a company’s public reputation.

A public relations firm with expertise in the automotive field can help you develop the right strategy to ensure your company’s progress. Give Ripley PR a call at 865.977.1973. We have the public relations experience to steer you in the right direction.







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