Signs it’s Time to Rebrand

Knowing when to rebrand can be a challenge. You may be attached to your current image, and it’s difficult to transition into a new persona. If you want your local business to reach a national stage, you may consider these signs from Ripley PR, a Knoxville public relations team, that it’s time to rebrand.

Your target audience is too narrow

If you’re looking to go from locally to nationally recognized, your brand needs to say so. Assess your current clientele. How many groups can you fit them into (i.e. age, gender)? If your target audience is too narrow, it should be broadened. An experienced public relations team like Ripley PR can advise you on the messaging needed to rebrand your business in a way that makes you appealing to multiple groups.

Your brand hasn’t been updated in years

Every business needs a facelift at one point or another, and if you want national recognition, your brand may need a spa day. Analyze your core values: Are they being promoted? Are they apparent from your branding efforts? Maybe your business has changed in such a way that you could add to or change some core values. Next, reassess your logo and/or mascot: Do they stand out? Have they been upgraded since their creation? If not, consider an update or a fresh start.


Whether your brand needs a paint job or a new foundation, our team at Ripley PR can get you past your competitors and onto the national stage. If you want the right messaging for a brand makeover, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online.


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