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You’ve just won an outstanding award, but you’re too modest to show it, that’s where construction public relations enters the equation. You shouldn’t be afraid to let everyone know about your accomplishments and a firm like Ripley PR can help you.

There are a few areas where celebrating your accomplishments, whether it be awards or a job well-done, will be beneficial to your company.

Client Credibility

If I’m looking for a construction company to build my new church, would I be more likely to go with the winner of the company voted “best in customer satisfaction” or the company that’s hard to find with a simple Google search?Construction public relations can help show off your accomplishments

Also, don’t be afraid to share a picture of that completed job. Provide evidence of a happy client and a job well-done. That can trickle over to others looking for your services.

Sharing your shine can add instant credibility to potential clients and strengthen your relationship with your current partners.


I’m tired of my work environment and the foreman at my jobsite is making it unbearable to show up to work. While I’m looking for my next job, I noticed on the local news site that Rodney’s Construction is voted winner of “Best Workplace in New Jersey.” I’m going to be more likely to at least send in an application to that place.

According to Forbes, employees are most concerned with well-being in 2022. Recruits will be more likely seek out places with evidence of a healthy workplace.

A team like Ripley PR can help you strategically share your accomplishments moving forward. Through media outreach, press releases, social media, and more, we can help get you in the headlines. The media talking about your accomplishment is not you talking about your accomplishment.

There is more information to discuss in this area and we’d be happy to have that conversation with you. Contact us online or give us a call 865-977-1973.


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