Should Your Home Service Business Be on Social Media? Yes!

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Social media may not seem like a natural fit for your home service company. However, it is one of the best ways for your business to communicate with your current customers and attract new business as part of a home service public relations strategy.

Think back to the year 2000. If you had a plumbing, HVAC or electrical problem, where did you look for a solution? The phone book. Today, most people have a smart phone and a Facebook account. That’s where they turn to find solutions to their problems. 

More and more people are using Facebook’s search to find the services they need. Or better yet — they ask their friends for recommendations.

Social Media for Home Service

Facebook allows you to immediately connect with the people that need your services on a personal and professional level. You can share success stories, offer quotes, show your personality and even a little humor. Tell your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page which will boost your ranking in local Facebook search results and help new customers find and vet your business.

The longer you wait to leverage social media for your home service business, the farther you’ll fall behind your competition.

Get Home Service PR Help

Too busy running your home service business to fool with Facebook? That’s where we can help!

Ripley PR is here to help you effectively leverage your social media presence to communicate with your current customers and attract new ones. We can create monthly content calendars to keep your business and its services in your customer’s feed and at the top of their mind when they need you. We can also keep an eye on your notifications, and engage with commenters to show you care about them. Investing in professional public relations services that specialize in social media for home service companies is the smart option. Contact us today to discuss how we can manage your social media presence.

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