Should you be the one to Promote Your B2B Startup?

For startup entrepreneurs, with so many demands on your attention, finding the time to properly promote your new product or service can be difficult.

What you need to know about PR for your product

If you’re busy creating the best new B2B software or product to serve industries like construction or home service, that’s probably something you should consider on the front-end, right? Balancing the time required to raise awareness for your brand with trying to build the company can challenging.

Some companies don’t, choosing to launch a new product without giving as much thought to building an effective B2B public relations campaign. And, they suffer for it.

Some of the most thoughtfully designed products I ever saw in my time as a design writer went this route, and most of them passed silently into obscurity. Nobody mourned their loss.

Building the Right PR Strategy

The lesson I learned from watching these products come and go is that companies can’t just focus on building good products, they need to implement the right kind of PR strategy.

Good PR can’t save a bad product, but it can help prevent a great product from becoming an undiscovered flop or a solid brand with actionable skills and great ideas from fading into nonexistence.

Consider this scenario: Your team has done a great job putting the finishing touches on your product. In the lab and test environments, everything goes perfectly, and you feel confident enough to move to deployment. You put out a few press releases, they get picked up by a few online sites, and you feel like you’ve done pretty well.

But when your launch date rolls around, and you start looking for interested clients, you get crickets. Unless companies pursue their marketing and media relations with the same drive and motivation they apply to their products, they won’t stay in the view of corporate decision-makers long enough to gain traction.

Find Some Experts, and Talk to Them

That’s where an experienced B2B PR agency like Ripley PR comes in. We handle all the planning, prep and content production so your team can focus on what it’s really good at, and you can spend the weeks and months leading up to a launch making sure everything is perfect. If you’re interested, contact Ripley PR online or at (865)-977-1973.

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