Should Human Resources Partner with a PR Agency? (Part 1)

Seasoned HR professionals in manufacturing work very hard to engage candidates and make the best hiring decisions. Finding the right employee for the job means a happy employee, and a happy employee stays.

Talking about the positive and encouraging company culture during the interview process is a good way to help potential employees know your business is committed to creating a great work environment. But how do you attract new hires that meet your high standards in the first place?

It’s not as easy as it seems, because there are so many other businesses looking for the same type of employee. To compete for the best candidates, savvy businesses are upping their game plan by including a public relations plan in their overall recruiting plan. Just as it’s important to have a business model for financial success, businesses should also have a PR plan. PR can help promote an overall desirable image of the business and build on that through positive press, improved awareness of the business to its desired audiences and through online channels that are available 24/7.

When potential new hires research a position online – a Pew Research study in 2015 found that 79 percent of job seekers used online searching – what will they find? A company website, sure, but what else? Was your company CEO quoted in an article in an industry publication? Was the business in the news? Did a new Google review praise the company and its products or services? Did the company’s employees volunteer for a charitable project that was featured in a local paper?

All of these things don’t happen by themselves, and having an experienced, professional PR firm like Ripley PR can raise awareness of your business. This can not only help attract future employees, the goodwill and positive image can improve the morale of existing employees. In the second part of this blog, we will explore how a PR plan can help internal communications within your organization as well.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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