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I came across a story this week about a recent Ozarks event that allowed students — from kindergarten to sixth grade — to participate in a construction building blocks contest. Adults couldn’t help, and the students had to use things like string, blocks and other materials to build their structures. The event is sponsored each year by the Southwest Missouri chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction.

I love seeing opportunities like this offered to young minds. Let them create and let them explore the amazing wonders their imaginations can devise. For all we know, one of these kids could grow up to be an architect or general contractor. They might even develop the next big thing in construction technology. And of course, they’d need a construction public relations partner like Ripley to help them generate leads and maximize their reach and profitability.

I know that last line was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there really is something special about sharing a founder’s story. One of our B2B tech clients great up in his dad’s manufacturing facility, ultimately inspiring him to create a platform that would help blue-collar companies combat the skilled labor shortage. His story is like so many we’ve heard: They saw a need and wanted to offer a solution.

Our media relations team works hard to shine a spotlight on these origin stories. These aren’t just fancy apps or software platforms. They were created for a reason, and we want you to know why. Understanding their backstory helps humanize these companies, which is an integral part of public relations.

Our content team works hard to tell that story, too. With each new press release or bylined article, our team is endeavoring to share the founder’s voice and the company’s message. It’s not just about sharing product news or showcasing a new service. No, we want to tell you why we believe in this company, and more importantly, why you should, too.

Contact Ripley PR today, and let us share your story.


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