Serving Up Kindness: The Importance of Partnering with Nonprofit Organizations

Many home service contractors give back to their communities. They raise money for schools and animal shelters. They collect food and supplies for areas impacted by natural disasters. They support scholarships and youth sports, or they contribute their time and services to neighbors in need.

But contractors, like other small business owners, often feel like they should keep their community efforts quiet. They worry that their involvement will seem insincere if they share it on social media or tell customers about it. They believe work should speak for itself.

That impulse is understandable. But don’t overlook all the good that can come out of spreading the word. Working with a local or national nonprofit organization on a charitable project makes a difference. Sharing your commitment with your friends and neighbors can boost your contribution exponentially by raising awareness of an issue, promoting a great organization and inspiring others to give back.

Consumers are looking for businesses that share their values. They want the money they spend to go back into the community, not to a faceless out-of-town corporation. They’re eager to support companies like yours — but they have to know that you’re the kind of business they’re seeking.

At Ripley PR, we specialize in helping HVAC, plumbing and electrical service contractors deliver the good news homeowners are searching for. Our team of home services public relations experts can help you shape a message that authentically connects with your community and helps build a lasting reputation as a trusted, valued neighbor.

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