Ripley PR’s Construction Public Relations Can Give You an Edge in a Competitive Labor Market

One of the biggest business news stories of 2018 has been the shortage of skilled labor, particularly in blue-collar industries like construction and home services. The construction industry is booming – many sectors reported double-digit growth in the first half of the year. But there aren’t enough trained, experienced workers to fill all those available jobs.

When markets get this competitive, every advantage counts. One way to stay a step ahead is a comprehensive construction public relations plan.

PR means more than just ribbon-cuttings and business briefs. Those things still matter, but strategic visibility in both B2B markets and local or regional/national media can help establish your company’s reputation on a wider scale. Whether it’s a profile of your company’s latest project in your town’s daily newspaper or expert commentary in a TV spot, the more people see you and your company in a positive context, the more they’ll trust you. And that can lead to identifiable results: more leads, more contracts, and more efficient recruiting.

A good PR plan can also help you manage your company’s online reputation with original content and management of social media accounts – essential to modern business, but hard to keep up with in a fast-paced industry.

And, if a worst-case scenario presents itself, you’ll be prepared. A crisis management plan can help you get the right message out during a difficult situation, preserving the good name you’ve spent time building and giving you control of the narrative.

Good PR can’t solve the labor shortage, but it can give you an edge against your competitors. Your story and your reputation matter to potential employees as much as they do to clients and customers. The best workers want to find the best employers.

If you want to get your company’s message out to them, contact Ripley PR – we’ll help you connect you with the audience you’re looking for.

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