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If your business gives back to the community, and there’s no reporting in the local media, did your business really give back to the community?


Yes, of course, and altruism is its own reward. But don’t you want to associate your brand with acts of kindness?

Perhaps your employees volunteered at a local animal shelter. Maybe they mounted a disaster-relief campaign or food drive. A manufacturing public relations agency like Ripley PR can help ensure your manufacturing company and employees get the exposure and earned media they deserve.

Here are five ways:

  1. Audience targeting. Your company might have an in-house communications officer, but it’s unlikely they have access to something like our proprietary database of media sources. Our expertise in media, be it local, regional or global, can make sure your company news crosses the right desk, and gets the exposure you deserve.
  2. Expert content production. We have experienced writers and journalists across several departments on our staff. Their decades of combined experience means they can get your message out succinctly in the right tone.
  3. SEO expertise. Keywords are king in social media. We understand the latest search-engine optimization techniques, and know the right platform for your message.
  4. Social media skills. Our experts at Ripley know how to effectively and efficiently manage multiple social-media platforms. From Twitter and LinkedIn to Instagram and Facebook, we have the management tools and insight to get your message on the platform that will generate the most buzz for your brand.
  5. We never close, and put our client needs ahead of our own. If you have a last-minute event or accomplishment to publicize, we’ll make the time to ensure it gets out to proper media as quickly as possible.

You’ve worked hard to build your manufacturing base and brand. Don’t keep your good news – and we can help with bad news, too – secret. Let us help you share your story.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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