Ripley PR can make your franchise social media shine, from corporate to storefront

A common complaint from franchisees is a perceived lack of marketing support from the corporate office.

Coordinating marketing messages among hundreds of franchisees can indeed be a challenge. Ripley PR, a franchise public relations agency, can help franchisors with that daunting task. One area of our expertise is coordinating social media messaging across multiple platforms for multiple franchisees.

One of our clients, a leading automotive tinting and aftermarket accessories franchise, offers an example of how we can leverage our expertise to support your franchisees. We use proprietary software that allows us to share the same message – tailored to location – to hundreds of independent franchisee social media platforms. This means we can manage social media from one location for a nationwide network of locations. At the same time, we manage its corporate social platforms.

Some franchisees prefer to manage their own social media, but some have limited expertise with the many nuances of digital marketing and promotion. Ripley experts understand the importance of keywords, hash tags and the proper timing of posts. Do you know the best time to post on Facebook? What about Twitter? LinkedIn? We understand the nuances of social media marketing and messaging, and can apply those skills across an entire franchise, from corporate to storefront. In addition to daily social media posts – they are largely automated, but we also offer live support and updates – we craft messaging around monthly companywide promotions.

We help franchisors offer strong marketing support to their franchisees. Consistent social media messaging is time-consuming and can be complicated. Your best option to improve its efficacy, efficiency and impact is to have your content professionally curated. Our expertise in digital media means your franchisees can focus on building their business, thereby growing your franchise brand.

Contact Ripley today for more examples of how our franchise PR expertise can make your brand shine, online and elsewhere.



Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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