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If I say “fast food,” I’ll bet at least one or two well-known franchises pop into your head. “You should grab a pizza on your way home,” is another phrase that should remind you of at least one big-name pizza franchise. Are you thinking of those places because you’re a regular? Maybe, but more likely it’s because of brand awareness. A franchise public relations firm can help make that happen for your company, too.

Brand awareness simply means a brand is recognizable and associated with certain products. Whether your company is as big as a certain burger joint, small with one or two franchise locations or somewhere in between, marketing and public relations are useful. Getting your name and products out there will not only create growth for the franchise, but it’ll increase sales for individual franchisees.awareness-meter-guage

There are a lot of ways to increase brand awareness, but here are a couple of methods that we can help with:

  • Get social. Social media involvement can ramp up your potential and allow you to highlight not only your brand but individual components of your company, as well. A PR firm can help you showcase new products, schedule employee spotlights and maintain a rapport with customers. We can also help you deal with negative reviews.
  • Media attention. One of the best ways to get your brand in public eye is landing stories in the news media. A PR firm can help establish a franchisor and its franchisees as experts, both on a national and local level. This not only increases brand awareness, but it makes your value go up.
  • Network. Your PR firm can also help you gain opportunities that get your name out. Arranging speaking engagements, writing guest blogs/columns for industry publications and community involvement/charity work can help your name become more widely recognized.

Everyone has a go-to when it comes to their favorite burger or pizza. Or, they know exactly which store to go to if they need new jeans or power tools or any number of things. A franchise public relations firm like Ripley PR can help your company become the “go-to” store, as well, so give us a call and let us start making your business a household name today.

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