Ripley PR can guide your automotive business through the high-tech maze

Driverless cars. Remote starts. Highly computerized vehicles.

The emerging tech trends driving the automotive industry prompt some drivers and potential buyers to ask: If my car breaks down, do I consult a mechanic or IT support? Can my car get hacked? Can someone hijack my remote start?

Ripley PR, a global public relations agency specializing in franchise, manufacturing, construction and automotive industries, can help your automotive company answer these questions being posed with increasing frequency by journalists and the media.

Technology can be scary for some consumers in the automotive industry. The days of kicking tires and peering under the hood at a car lot are long gone. Some car buyers are intimidated by the overwhelming amount of technology included in a modern vehicle. There are Bluetooth devices, endless audio-visual options and rear-view cameras and digital displays. Maintenance and value questions inevitably surface. We can calm these jitters by staying on top of emerging technology, and proactively communicating the benefits of these tech trends to consumers who may still consider automatic windows a technological luxury.

How does Ripley PR do that? We communicate the latest automotive news to general and trade publications. We promote understanding of new automotive technology through a range of social media platforms. We can even organize demonstrations of the latest technological advances in your market, and explain the rationale and value of what some simply deem gadgetry. Our content producers regularly break down complicated matters into easily digestible information.

There are also the relatively old-school crises that can develop. Recalls of faulty parts, design flaws and even high-level manipulation of emissions standards can grab and hold headlines. When that happens, you need a calm, honest, proactive response guided by PR experts who can massage a crisis plan and have a wide range of contacts within the automotive trade media.

From consumer education to crisis management, Ripley PR can be a driving force behind your automotive company’s public-relations success.

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Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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