Ripley Construction PR Services Can Help You Locate Hard-to-Find Job Candidates

Unemployment rates in most parts of the country, including the Knoxville metro area, are hovering at less than 4 percent. This has put a lot of employers in a labor pinch, and it’s especially acute in the construction sector. Finding skilled candidates is a constant challenge. Are you striking out with traditional job boards or recruitment efforts?

Construction public relations is about a lot more than press releases. Ripley PR, a Knoxville public relations agency with global reach specializing in construction, manufacturing, franchise, tech and home services, can also help you fill those open positions. We provide construction PR services for clients across the country. Here are four ways we can get job candidates through your door.

  1. We can communicate your company culture. For many job candidates today, even those in the construction sector, your company’s values mean a lot. Do you cultivate a sense of ownership? Do you have approachable managers who believe in collaboration? Are you flexible in your scheduling? As PR professionals, we can promote these values.
  2. We can spread your job postings via social media. Our brand managers and content specialists are well-versed in drawing eyeballs on a range of platforms, ranging from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media is the newest incarnation of job boards, and we can tailor your job posts by geography, skill set and audience.
  3. We can position you as an expert. Everyone wants to work for the best in the business, and we can promote you as a thought leader in your line of work. This is accomplished via our vast and proprietary media database, which we use to secure media spot and publicize your brand and expertise.
  4. We can help you network. We look after our clients, and that includes ensuring you are seen and heard in business circles. We stay on top of potential speaking engagements, conferences and networking opportunities. Sometimes the best potential candidates aren’t found via traditional want ads or job boards. They are found via word of mouth and networking events.

Our range of clients also promotes synergies, especially among our clients in the same spaces. We know what works for one client may not work for another in terms of job recruitment, but we can identify commonalities among the best approaches. Our clients are located across the U.S., so there’s not going to be much overlap or competition for local employees.

Contact us today so Ripley can help you get those boots in the door, and ultimately on to your jobsite.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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