Ripley Can Diagnose, Cure and Keep Your Healthcare IT Communications Healthy

Lawsuits are common in the healthcare IT world, and automation and digital record-keeping will continue to mark the evolution of patient care.  A professional public relations agency can help you limit the damage from legal claims as well as help communicate your mission and intent to health-care consumers.

Ripley PR, a Healthcare IT PR agency with global reach specializing in the franchise, construction, home services and tech sectors, can help your healthcare IT company proactively deal with both issues.

Crisis plans

Health care information is intensely private and protected by layers of laws and statutes. Any breach that results in a release of such confidential data needs to be taken very seriously. Failure to respond adequately and transparently and communicate ways your company will prevent such breaches in the future could lead to the untimely demise of your healthcare IT enterprise.

If you are a player in the potentially fractious world of health-care technology services, you will be closely monitored by consumers and competitors alike. This means that if your systems are hacked or compromised, you can run afoul of federal or state law, or face data-related lawsuits. It’s going to be hard to keep a lid on the news. That’s why your healthcare IT company needs to have a crisis plan in place to confront such potentially negative publicity robustly, quickly and honestly. We can help you formulate – and practice – just such a plan.

Automation communication

From digital-based continuum of care to opioid prescription databases, healthcare consumers are confronted daily with the fact that health services are increasingly migrating to digital-management platforms. As mentioned above, health care is an intensely private affair. That’s why it’s key to have a PR agency like Ripley in place to communicate the value of this evolution to consumers.

If a patient has to present identification and submit to a database entry for opioid prescriptions, they need to be assured this information will be kept private and help stem the opioid epidemic so prevalent across the U.S.

If a pharmacy database concludes consumers are taking medicines that may counteract each other or pose a combined risk, it’s important to communicate that such a database is in place for reasons of public safety, not snooping or simply collecting information on their buying habits.

Crisis management and consumer communication are but two of the valuable services Ripley provides for our health IT clients. An aging population and increased use of analytics, digital recordkeeping and databases in the health-care space means our healthcare IT PR strategies will be needed for years to come. Contact Ripley PR today for more information on maintaining the health of your healthcare IT company.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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