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Without customers, is a business really a business? That may sound like an insane question. The obvious answer is no, yet there are still plenty of people who will start a business and develop a product without a potential customer base in mind. Those businesses have a tendency to fail in the long run.

For home service B2B companies, finding the customer base isn’t the issue. You develop a product that can be used in the home service industry and then market it to those in need. The issue comes when you are competing with several other companies offering a similar product. Home service B2B public relations is the answer to your troubles. Experts at Ripley PR utilize a series of strategies that can help B2B companies earn customers.

Earned Media

The experts at Ripley PR use earned media as a way to help you garner customers without paying for them. We take your story and accomplishments and pitch them to both national and trade publications using contacts we have in the industry. These stories can be published for potential customers to read.

While paid marketing is a positive, customers put more weight on information that is published by a creditable, unbiased publication. Has your B2B tech helped hundreds of home service contractors increase revenue? A story on the 8 p.m. news will hit harder than paid advertising making the claim that it has done so.

In addition to pitching stories, Ripley PR experts also write press releases that showcases your company’s abilities in the industry as well as make necessary announcements about new products or leadership changes that can catch the media’s attention.

Social Media

Social media has changed the landscape when it comes to customer acquisition. A high percentage of people get most of, if not all, their news from social media platforms. Ripley PR experts know this and utilize these mediums to our clients’ advantage.

Posting accomplishments to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page is a great way to show your customers and potential customers what your company is about. Write a blog about a new product to connect with your base or send out regular tweets to keep your name relative on Twitter.

Using social media to market your company is one tool that can oftentimes be underutilized. Don’t make that mistake. Let Ripley PR help you take advantage of this tool.

If you are ready to promote your brand with B2B public relations, give us a call. Our experts would love to talk to you. We can be reached at (865) 977-1973 or on our website.


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