Referrals are Key in B2B – Can the Right PR Agency Help?

Successful B2B companies deeply understand the value of not just selling a product or service to another company for a profit, but developing meaningful relationships and partnerships in the process that encourage sustainability for all parties. When these relationships are developed and trust is established, companies become more willing to put their name on referrals. Referrals yield business for the future and expand networks, and they are invaluable for growth.

Ripley PR knows the important role that B2B public relations can play in securing referrals. The goals of public relations are to create awareness for a company’s brand, keep the name in the public eye and help craft and maintain the voice intended by the company for their audiences to hear. When these goals are achieved, the company’s position as an expert in their industry is legitimized and therefore referrals will carry more weight.

Because a referral is essentially an endorsement with a company’s name attached to it, a bad experience can drag the referrer down along with the underperforming referral. Several things must take place before a company offers a referral:

·         The referred company must have provided excellent work

·         They should be recognized as an expert in their field

·         They need to have an online reputation that validates the referral

The right B2B public relations agency should be able to effectively position a company as an expert in their field and help manage their online reputation, leaving the company only to focus on continuing to provide excellence in service that matches that reputation and warrants referrals. Ripley PR knows from experience that removing the extra weight of reputation and brand management from a company can result in better performance by decision makers and a stronger focus on the product or service they offer.

To find out more about how your business’s referral program can benefit by partnering with an experienced B2B public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today.

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